Hi! I’m Bre, a Providence-based style consultant and chef.

I dress people and plates. I share beauty and joy.
I ask lots of questions. I listen carefully. I aim to inspire.

And I want to meet you.

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Delicious, stylish, happy, inspiring food is what I do: for celebrations, events, private dinner parties and daily meals.

Tell me what foods you crave, what you hate, or what your doctor says you should eat, and I’ll make it happen. If cooking perplexes you or takes too much of your time, let me come to your home and stock your refrigerator with fabulous, healthy, ready-to-go meals. If you want one of the most memorable private dining experiences of your life, just tell me when and where.

Tasting is believing. You can preview my culinary creations every Friday from 6-9 PM at The Olive Tap’s weekly Tasting Event (497 Angell Street, Providence, RI 02906.) View this week’s menu and event details here.

Or, Contact Me Today to Start Planning Your Next Great Meal!

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When asked the question “Bre, what’s on trend this season? Like, what should I be wearing?”, I respond “Whatever flatters your body and makes you feel wonderful. That is what you should be wearing this season. (And every season.)”

My philosophy: if you look fabulous in white, wear it all year round. If you look great in tailored blouses and wide leg pants, you should rock that look as much as possible. Consider yourself freed. From trends, from snobby, from uncomfortable, from changing silhouettes and clothes designed for a life you don’t lead. Instead, choose clothing that makes you feel true to yourself, happy in your skin and ready to take on the day. You have my permission.

Ultimately, style is personal: an inner attitude that your outside decides to agree with. Tell me how you wish to feel in your clothes– artistic, brave, graceful, bold, modern, intellectual– and I will help you build a wardrobe that achieves this. Tell me about your life, where you go and what you do the most of. Tell me which occasions or activities cause the most wardrobe anxiety for you, and what pieces act as the easiest or most proven uniforms.
I promise I will really listen.

Then, I’ll explore your closet, make outfits for you, make lists, and make magic. I’ll show you which pieces really serve you well, and teach you how to get more use out of them. If there are older pieces in the “maybe pile,” I’ll advise you how to tailor or polish them. If I identify new pieces that could fill a gap in your wardrobe, I’ll help you shop for them. If there are pieces you’re ready to let go of, I’ll determine if they’re saleable, and if they are, I’ll resell them for you and split the profits with you. I’ll help you get rid of the clutter and clothing that you make excuses for, so that when you look at your closet each morning, you’re only greeted by pieces you actually love, that you feel great in, and that you look forward to wearing.

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Bre Goldsmith
Providence, RI

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